The scale is ready calibrated, press “on”, scale count up and when it is not set to "0", press the "0" three seconds if that should not work or show error:

Calibration / Settings Display Indicator XK 315A 1

Settings / Calibration

Weigh yourself with a bathroom scale, we need this weight later

To enter the settings modus press

“0” and “on” buttom

Scale counts up

We must now learn to the scale what is “0”

Now push

Push →

Push again  

Now the scale knows the -0-

The display shows

and ask for the calibration weight

press the right arrow key

first number is blinking

depending on how high the calibration weight  is therefore press the

up to the third - (over 100kg) or until the second digit from the right (flashing) and enter  the ↑ "high key" to enter the  the calibration weight

for example:

your weigh is 85 kilos, so you have 85 kilos calibration weigh, we press the "key right" to the second last position (from right - flashing) and press eight times the "key up" to the 8 , push the → again so the last number blinks and with the ↑ buttom we count up until 5

now stand on the platform od the scale, into the middle and press * key

stand still

After 3-4 seconds their weight (85kg) now appears

You can now leave the scale again

Turn of the scale

Turn on the scale

and check whether the scale works,

the scale must show at all corners and at all points the same weight

You can also take other weights, calibration weights to calibrate course, or previously weighed food bags or something ell


Load Cells

Do not fastened the cradle to the end, so the thread does not pass through the load cell and abutting on the frame, otherwise the balance weighs incorrect

It must be always space between the load cells and the frame





Pin assignment







distribution occupancy




Connect the cable from the balance on the display to move, the scale is calibrated, should after the turn on count up to -0- available and you can weigh


Should the balance again show expect no zero, press the zero on the display for 2 seconds and make sure that the balance with all four feet is common ground (touching the ground)

It may happen that must nevertheless be calibrated every now and then the scale to see description above


Other settings


Display Off


Press and release the -0- and simultaneously press the ON


After the counting, press the star key 2 x


-SET- Appears


Press the "button to the right"


d ......... .1kg appear, ie the scale weighs in 1kg increments

If you now press the "up" ↑ you may change these steps

2kg, 5kg, 0.1kg ............

Save with the key

0.1 means the balance weigh in 0,1 kg steps now and shows weigh 452,3 kg instead of before 452 kg

However, after that it is necessary to recalibrate the scale (see above), because the balance weight instead of the previously displayed 452 kg now displays with 45.2 kg



The next setting is


FLT (Filter) 00 is the benchmark to change with the "right" key and the "up" button, so the scale weighs more quickly, especially at tata features, the higher (bis99) faster


Save with and continue to the next step

Autp = automatic shutdown


Default: 00 = no switch off, 01 = automatic shutdown to change with the "right" and "up" button


Save and continue to next step


Address = address


Default: 00


To save with  star


B 2400


Does the baud rate when using a PC at the back interface, here are 2400 or 4800 the usual baud rates to change with the "up" button, save with  key



There are also some settings on the normaql weight mode

In normal weighing mode, so just press the button -ON-


key 2 x


AUT = Automatic, default 0


The scale can be changed to "animal Mode" with the "up" button, which means once the balance has detected the weight, it "holding", the weight with restless animals and the scale is not constantly jumps back and forth, the weight remains standing until the animal is brought back from the scale


Setting: Press the "up" button on 5


Save with key